Plastic Bottle Machine price PET jar is mainly used for container of food, candy, cookie, honey, sauce, can filled carbonate drink. Vfine have design machine and mold for jar with neck size range from 50mm to 140mm. And machine capacity ranges from 1000bph to 3000bph. We also supply machine for some bottles with oriented cap, or oriented closure with pump. The oil free design is really a glad tiding for food container producer, it helps producer to out of risk of the polluting when blow the bottles. Linear type blow molding machine is the most flexible systems on the market at present time Vfine technical team has designed thousands of containers for wide application scope, from beverage,alcohol drink to food, cosmetics, detergents, chemical, edible oil, medicine products.Vfine is able to support its customers by offering the complete bottling line solution, from the design and supply of samples up to quality certification. Vfine linear blow molding machine platform provides great flexibility in the production of a vast range of different types of containers. It takes very short time to make mold change for different bottles. The drawer structure design makes the mold change in a very simple way. Vfine blowing machine can produce standard and personalized bottles for standard filling, for hot filling, oval bottles with oriented neck, lightweight bottles, big volume tank up to 30 liters, and all this at high production rates, low reject rate, high performance in very low noise and stably. 1.PET Jar blow molding machine YF-2LWE Servo motor driven for the molding and clamping unit Wide neck special design machine, neck diameter range from 50mm to 100mm 4.Vfine machinery linear stretch blow molding machine YF-2LWE specifications MODELYF-2LWE Max Bottle Volumn2000ml Cavity number2 output1200-2000BPH Machine size2700*2000*2500mm Machine weight3500kg Neck diameter range for different model Model Bottle neck size Pitch: 114mm 38-63mm Pitch: 120mm 60-100mm Pitch: 152mm 60-140mm Machine details Suitable for blowing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil bottles, space cups, medicine bottles and other plastic hollow containers (PET.PC...) The infrared multi-functional plastic preform heater is powered by a three-phase four-wire 380V power supply (it can also be powered by 220V power supply). The machine is divided into seven layers of heating lamps and is divided into four heating areas. The electric box is equipped with electric heating control elements. The heating time is usually about 5-8 minutes, the temperature is transferred to the temperature controller by the thermocouple for automatic temperature control, so that the temperature in the heating box is smoothly controlled, the infrared penetration is strong. The heating is uniform. Fast and reliable, to ensure that the preform is ideal The heating effect of the preform can be produced after the preform is circulated and heated for one circle, and the specific temperature is adjusted according to the bottle forming needs.Plastic Bottle Machine price website: